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February 14, 2021
We exercise faith in the sowing & waiting season. Now that we are in the time of harvest, let's be careful not to allow the tiredness of sowing & waiting cause us not to continue to put faith in Jesus for the harvest (Proverbs 10:5). When harvest is ready, the enemy will do all he can to distract you so that you lose sight of the harvest.

The God's kingdom is like a man who scattered seed and sees a harvest he didn't know about. He then puts the sickle to the grain. It is our responsibility to reap the harvest by continuing to put faith in the promises of God (Mark 4:26-29).

God calls us out in Malachi 3:8-12 when He tells us that we rob Him in tithes and offerings.  The tithe is first ten percent or […]

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Hosanna in the highest! Elim celebrated Palm Sunday with a powerful word on Prayer!As believers, prayer is the driving force,...

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Last Sunday, Pastor Raymond Aynang brought us the word of God! The Israelites who were raised and cared for by God had rebelled against Him. A […]

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Faith Pt 3 – Faith That Works

The Israelites failed to enter the rest of God because of unbelief (Hebrews 3:19). God’s promise of rest still remains (Hebrews 4:1,9). Hallelujah! By faith, we […]

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