Perishing In The Promised Land Pt 3 – Faithfulness
November 24, 2019

Perishing In The Promised Land Pt 3 – Faithfulness

Passage: Psalms 36:5, Joshua 6:1-27; 23:14; 24:14-15, Galatians 5:22, Revelation 2:10, Luke 12:48; 16:10-12, 1 Samuel 17:28, Matthew 25:21
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FAITHFULNESS God’s faithfulness is limitless. We need to taste and see that the Lord is good! None of His promises has failed! Hold fast to THEM and they will come to pass. We should fear the Lord and serve Him with ALL faithfulness, in every area of our lives, even to the point of death. Faithfulness is the fruit of the Spirit. We have to depend on the Holy Spirit to remain faithful (reliable, dependable, consistent, trustworthy). Whoever is faithful with little (small things, even when no one is watching), will also be faithful with much.

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