1. Joanne Odotei says:

    Thank you Pastor Isaac.

    • Angela Trenton-Mbonde says:

      Thanks Pastor Isaac for this great message of the certainty of our positioning with our God. From foreknown to predestined, to conformed to the likeness of His Son, to being called, to being justified and to being glorified! Perfect for Mother’s Day

  2. KARLK ASMAH (0263769084 WhatsApp) says:

    Clarity and simplicity of message, lights our path like a perpetual flame of God by Our Lord Christ Jesus.

    In these troubled times of a global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus , we humbly ask, ‘May the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Fellowship of God be with us all mankind, Christians, especially the Elim Church Family, Now and Forever more’. Amen

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