November 8, 2020

The Fruit That We Bear

Last Sunday, we had a special visit from our very own Pastor Monia Najem from Lebanon. She preached on “The Fruit That We Bear”.
Luke 6:43-45 tells us that no good tree bears bad fruit and no bad tree bears good fruit. Every tree is known by its fruit. The good man brings out good things stored in his heart; and the evil man bring out evil things stored in his heart.
So also, every believer is known by the fruit that is evident in their lives. Matthew 7:16 says “by their fruit you will know them”. The heart is the place where the fruit stems from.
John 15:1-8 talks about how the Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches. The Father prunes us so we are more fruitful. We are to remain in Him so that we bear much fruit and show ourselves as His disciples.
What shows us to be His disciples is the fruit we bear. He prunes our character so that we bear the fruit of the Spirit. However if we do not bear fruit, Scripture says He cuts it off. The fruit of the Spirit that we bear and display in our lives …